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A light to dark brown mineral, (Zn,Fe)S, that is a polymorph of sphalerite, used as a minor ore of zinc.

[French, after Charles Wurtz (1817-1884), French chemist.]


a brown mineral composed of zinc sulphide, (Zn,Fe)S
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Noun1.wurtzite - a brownish-black mineral consisting of zinc sulfide
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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ZnO is a self-activated crystal of hexagonal wurtzite structure with direct wide band gap energy of 3.
This transition is an intrinsic feature of the wurtzite ZnO and has its origin in the excitonic recombination [22].
ZnO nanoparticles revealed the hexagonal wurtzite structure and the peaks were indexed according to JCPDS card No.
As wide bandgap III-nitride nanostructures are relatively new materials, he pays special attention to comparing zinc-blend gallium-arsenic with wurtzite gallium-nitrogen-based structures where the Rashba spin-orbit interaction plays a crucial role in voltage-controlled spin engineering.
The XRD characterization indicated these particles have wurtzite structure and the optical properties have been studied with cathodeluminescence (CL).
As it can be observed the XRD patterns are quite the same and are in agreement with the typical wurtzite structure Fe3O4 diffraction.
It has a hexagonal wurtzite structure with an [<<]-type conductivity (Reddy et al.
Such epitaxially grown nanowires are repeating the crystal orientation of the substrate and usually grow in Wurtzite (WZ) or Zinc-Blende (ZB) structure differing in the stacking sequences ABABAB and ABCABCABC, respectively, of the atomic bilayers.
An interesting discovery of orange-brown gem-quality wurtzite took place in 2012 at the famous tanzanite deposits in the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania (Hyrsl, 2013).
2]), and Wurtzite (ZnO) Using Response Surface Methodology.
The nanocrystals were composed of a wurtzite crystal phase with a size distribution of 2-5 nm.