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also wu shu  (wo͞o′sho͞o′)
The Chinese martial arts.

[Mandarin wǔ shù : , martial (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´) + shù, skill, art (from Middle Chinese ʂɦyt).]


(Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a general term for Chinese martial arts
[from Chinese military + shú art]
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LAHORE -- The Inter-Provincial sports competitions are going to begin across the country from December 15 and Sports Board Punjab (SBP) will organize wushu and athletics competition here.
PESHAWAR -- Balochistan clinched the trophy after securing 18 gold medals in different categories of the first Quaid-e-Azam National Inter-Provincial Boys Wushu Championship which concluded here at Lala Rafique Sports Arena, Qayyum Sports Complex on Sunday.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Wushu Eqpt For South Asian Games-2016 At Guwahati And Shillong
Yan Zijie, "On Qigong, Wushu & the Book of Changes," Studies of Zhouyi, No.
By Rahul Rawat in New Delhi EVEN as weightlifters continue to hog the limelight for anti- doping rule violations in the country, rowers, hockey players, wushu players and cyclists have also joined the dubious list of athletes who have tested positive for banned substances during the Kerala National Games.
AMMAN, April 17 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has won five gold medals at the ninth Arab clubs Wushu Kung Fu tournament which began here on April 15th.
According to Astana Department of Culture, the masters of art will show tricks of Wushu masters, skilful dance performances, instrumental solo on traditional Chinese instruments such as Erhu and Suo.
The Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center offers a program for students worldwide to study and immerse themselves in the martial arts culture.
Inspired by his "childhood hero" Lee, Alizada has learned the art of nunchuku as well as wushu, coming top of his category in a recent martial arts competition.
Fortunately for the young man, a trainer took Alizada under his care to teach him Wushu, a Chinese mixed-martial art, when his parents could not afford to send him to a martial arts school.
Incheon, Sept 30 -- (BNA): The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) today expelled Malaysia's wushu first gold medallist Tai Cheau Xuen after she failed a drug test, according to the Malaysian News Agency (Bernama).
That went to Sajjad Abbasi-Amir in the 70kilo weight division of men's sanda in the wushu competition.