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n. Slang
A person regarded as weak, ineffectual, or overly fearful.

[Perhaps blend of wimp and pussy, or short for pussy-wussy, reduplication of pussy.]

wuss′y adj.


adj, wussier or wussiest
slang chiefly US feeble or effeminate
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Wussy cry-babies, I thought, as I smiled politely at their sappy stories.
Additional artists who will be performing throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn during the festival include Mother Feather , Rocket and the Ghost , The Soft White Sixties , Electric 6, Mind Over Time , Regret the Hour , Sun Ladders, Los Elk , Honey Wild , Bridges and Powerlines , J and the 9s , STRNGRS , Vision of Disorder , The Muffs , Upset , HayBaby , Ceramics , Baby Acid , High Waisted , Heavy Glow , Immigrant Union , Jeremy and Harliquins , The VeeVees , Brand of Julez , Wrench , Killcode , Lily and the Parlour Tricks , Wussy, We Are Temporary, Making Movies, Scale Model, Happy Lives, Born Cages, Don Babylon, Alejandro Meolo and Robinsones, The Howl, Netherlands, Sons and Heirs, Wake the Sun, ACID, Ms.
Constitution and elicited cheers from the crowd when he said he would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and challenge the "spineless, wussy senators" who have failed to react to the threat of China, which he said is "stealing our jobs, stealing our intellectual property.
Only now they're not only calling you a dove but a wussy and that's what hurts.
Classical music on the fiddle was a bit wussy, I didn't like it, I thought the tunes were stupid.
John Flint Racing Stables is no Sandhill, but we have nine of the 15 boxes filled, a four and a half furlong wood chip gallop, a plentiful schooling field and Sasha, the wussy whippet (she's not much use, but we'd all miss her if she disappeared).
After all, didn't he get all wussy and recant in the New York Times not that long ago?
We had a bottle of beer each - me an Old Speckled Hen and Jerry, it must be said, a slightly wussy Italian job.
There was nothing special about it, no deep frog, and he didn't sound girlish or wussy.
HAVE yourself a wussy little Christmas-with a new-fangled guilt-free version of foie gras, which is darker in colour and lighter in flavour than the real thing.