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Exposure to x-ray radiation.
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Sensory quality and nutrient composition of three Hawaiian fruits treated by X-irradiation.
In an investigation on in vitro fertilization rate of mouse eggs with sperm after X-irradiation at various spermatogenesis stages.
This study determined the effect of X-irradiation on physiological and biochemical aspects in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.
Similarly, with x-ray burns, the depth of the elastosis depends on the degree of penetration of the x-irradiation.
Induction of cytogenic adaptive response of somatic and germ cells in vivo and in vitro by low dose X-irradiation.
Other topics include the structure and pathology of tuberculous lesions; the histochemistry of macrophage activation; the roles of various cytokines; and the effects of hormones and x-irradiation on the disease.
When x-irradiation was applied to the hippocampus of rats to stop neurogenesis, and antidepressant treatment was concurrently administered, those animals failed to show amelioration of depressive behavioral symptoms.
Following X-irradiation and subsequent heating in the temperature interval 23-200[degrees]C, TL glow curves produced characteristic emissions near 75[degrees]C and 100[degrees]C from the crystalline and amorphous regions, respectively.
The administration of X-irradiation to nerve tissue results in an alteration of the glial environment and has in a number of studies been shown to promote regrowth of damaged nerve fibers.
Other approaches included use of external x-irradiation to treat hearing loss, acne, tinea capitis, and enlarged thymus, and the use of radon and radium to treat hemangiomas (3-7).
Stuart Cook and colleagues treated patients with total lymhoid irradiation (TLI), or X-irradiation of the body's lymph nodes, a major site of lymphocyte (immune cell) aggregation.