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A yellow crystalline organic compound, C13H10O, that is soluble in ether and is used as a fungicide and in organic synthesis. The structural unit of xanthene is a feature in several fluorescent dyes.


(Elements & Compounds) a yellowish crystalline heterocyclic compound used as a fungicide; benzo-1,4-pyran. Its molecular structural unit is found in many dyes, such as rhodamine and fluorescein. Formula: CH2(C6H4)2O


(ˈzæn θin)

a yellow, crystalline substance, C13H10O, used in organic synthesis and as a fungicide.
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1 (1 g/l xanthene in sodium azide-preserved buffer) for 10 seconds and then in solution No.
Polysaccharides such as carrageenan, pullulan, xanthene gellan gum, guar gum and gum arabic can be used to form a paste without the separation of components of alginate paste [30, 31].
These papers represent some of the latest developments and covers some surprisingly multidisciplinary topics, such as the elucidation of electron-transfer pathways in copper and iron proteins by pulse radiolysis; peptide- or protein-cleaving agents based on metal complexes; the structure of coordination polymers of the lanthanide elements; the supramolecular chemistry of gases; the organometallic chemistry of Rh-, Ir , Pd- and Pt-based radicals; unique complexes in the diverse world of metal-alkyne chemistry; oxygen activation chemistry of Pacman and Hangman porphyrin architecture based on xanthene and dibenzofuran spacers; metal-containing nucleic acid structures based on synergetic hydrogen and coordination bonding; and bispidine coordination chemistry.