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Adj.1.xci - being one more than ninetyxci - being one more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The genes involved in the mechanism underlying XCI as well as those causing a variety of imprinted phenotypes have been extensively examined using knockout mice and in human patients with diseases of genomic imprinting.
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Concerning a uniform system of legal rules, a decisive step was taken at the end of 1990 to approve an act on the general tax-administration (Act XCI of 1990).
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Notes XCI Founder and CEO Jerry Drew, "There was a serious need for something that could fill the void between individual thermostats and expensive building automation systems.
The 16mm hand-held camera Navy documentary on the XCI jammer that prevented major destruction of a US Navy crew and battlecruiser is as vivid in my mind as when I first saw it.
Dentro de dos dias celebraremos el XCI aniversario de la Revolucion Mexicana.
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xci a xciii), en lui faisant jouer son propre role: celui d'ambassadeur de France a Rome en 1829.