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Adj.1.xcii - being two more than ninetyxcii - being two more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Earlier lines from Canto XCII have claimed that "Margarethe von T aufers/and Uncle Carlo /both tried a clean-up" (Cantos, 634), and back in Canto CVII Pound shows the sort of forces they and their predecessors were apparently working against: "brain-wash," "corruption of symbol," "blot-out," the "hog-wash" of the King James Bible as the Latin Vulgate is disastrously cast aside, and so on (Cantos, 774).
Customer informs the Supplier that for the fulfillment of this contract and the payment of taxation XCII of 2003.
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Les cas suivants font aussi l'objet de la meme serie de plaintes examinees dans le meme rapport : CLS, Plainte deposee par le Congres du travail du Canada (CTC), le Syndicat des infirmieres et des infirmiers de la ColombieBritannique (SIICB), la Federation canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants (FCE), la Federation des enseignantes et des enseignants de la Colombie-Britannique (FECB), le Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique, division de la ColombieBritannique (SCFP), la Confederation internationale des syndicats libres (CISL) et l'Internationale de l'education (IE) contre le gouvernement du Canada (ColombieBritannique), Cas no 2166, 2173, 2180, 2196, 354e Rapport, Bulletin officiel, vol XCII, 2009, serie B, no 2 [Cas no 2166, 2173, 2180 et 2196].
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Have you noticed that the air to "The Lady & 'Prentice" you have arranged is really the same as "The Loyal Lover" XCII.