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 (zĕn′ə-bī-ŏt′ĭk, zē′nə-)
Not a natural component of a particular organism or biological system. Used of chemical compounds.
A xenobiotic chemical, such as a pesticide.


(Chemistry) a chemical foreign to or not produced by an organism
(Chemistry) pertaining to a chemical compound foreign to or not produced by an organism


(ˌzɛn ə baɪˈɒt ɪk, -bi-, ˌzi nə-)

a chemical or substance that is foreign to an organism or biological system.
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8% decrease in net income attributable to WuXi shareholders and a higher number of outstanding ADSs as a result of share issuances relating to the XenoBiotic Laboratories acquisition and vesting of restricted stock units.
Despite the valuable ecosystem services (such as biogeochemical cycling and xenobiotic degradation) provided by microbial communities, environmental conservation policies usually neglect microbial diversity.
Xenobiotic sensor-and metabolism-related gene variants in environmental sensitivity-related illnesses: a survey on the Italian population.
Due to the use of xenobiotic compounds by the host and increased insecticide resistance, detoxification enzymes should be studied because their role in xenobiotic compound metabolism was well established (Schuler 1996; Byrne et al.
Hoyer (physiology, University of Arizona) and her contributors present a compilation of chapters treating this important subject with new information related to the impact of xenobiotic chemicals on ovarian function.
By supporting healthy xenobiotic elimination from the body, as well as by exerting supportive effects on target bio-molecules, cells and tissues, Detox Weight Manager supports healthy weight management, while also enhancing detoxification, according to the company.
Increasing evidence indicates that, in addition to the well-known xenobiotic metabolism genes in cytochrome P450, family 1 (Cyp1), there are other AHR transcriptional targets, including genes involved in cell-cycle regulation and morphogenetic processes, that may play a vital function during embryonic development (Sartor et al.
Since consumption of large quantities of fruit and vegetables is associated with a striking reduction in the risk of developing a variety of malignancies, it is of interest that a number of edible plants contain substantial quantities of compounds that regulate mammalian enzymes of xenobiotic metabolism.
The first is used xenobiotic bifenazate, it is a selective acaricide belonging to the family of Hydrazine carboxylate that controls a variety of parasitic mites of ornamentals.
Given the observed changes in ecdysteroid receptor, arginine kinase, and CYP45 expression, further investigations of the association, if any, between molting, muscular function and xenobiotic metabolism and ESD are warranted.
Mitochondriogenesis and signaling are significantly affected by two other factors: (1) xenobiotic metabolism, which evolved mainly to aid in the disposal and transformation of hundreds of plant pigments in the diet and (2) ROS, which include free radicals and other chemically reactive oxygen-containing molecules.
However, little is known about the genotoxicity of pesticides in people with various genetic polymorphisms of human xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes coding genes.