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BioDuro said its customers can now access this platform to support a range of drug discovery oncology and immunooncology studies--from immunophenotyping screens to xenograft pharmacology studies.
South San Francisco, California-based cancer therapeutics developer Sutro Biopharma's antibody drug conjugate (ADC) targeting the CD74 cell surface protein in hematologic B-cell malignancies, STRO-001, has been shown to eradicate tumors in human xenograft models of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma diseases, the company said.
Immunoblotting or immunohistochemistry was used to assess the cellular proliferation and apoptosis in xenograft tumour tissue.
Genome remodeling in a basal-like breast cancer metastasis and xenograft.
Differential response to abiraterone acetate and di-n- butyl phthalate in an androgensensitive human fetal testis xenograft bioassay.
BioHorizons, an oral reconstructive device company, declared the launch of MinerOssA X, a family of xenograft products for dental implant site development procedures.
The collaboration will leverage the technologies of both companies to offer new mouse cancer and leukemia models based on Crown Bioscience's GEMM platform, its new human xenografts, as well as the current PDX and CDX platforms (Cell line Derived Xenograft).
In this preliminary study, estrogen-negative breast cancer developed when three markers, CD44+, CD49fhi, and CD133hi were present simultaneously on the surface of human cells taken from breast cancer patients and transplanted into a mouse; this is called a xenograft model.
RTI), Alachua, FL, announced the first clinical implantations of its Sterling xenograft implants have been performed.
But even as researchers overcome the hurdle of immune response, they must tangle with another potential problem: infectious diseases that could be transmitted via the xenograft or evolve within the recipient as the disparate tissues commingle.
Given their very promising anti-tumor activity in xenograft models, they show early signs of being an exciting novel class of anti-tumor agent.