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A landscaping method that employs drought-resistant plants and special techniques to conserve water.

xer′i·scape′ v.


(Horticulture) a landscaping method designed to conserve water in arid regions by using plants that require little water and by employing efficient irrigation techniques
vb (tr)
(Horticulture) to landscape (an arid place) in a way that conserves by using plants that require little water and by employing efficient irrigation techniques
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At least two upper-level bedrooms have soaring, barrel-vaulted ceilings and open through French doors to a vine-draped sleeping porch that overlooks a drought-conscious xeriscaped backyard.
Irish has cultivated and xeriscaped the Sonoran Desert for over twenty years, and her story of how she and her husband changed the barren plot to a haven for local wildlife and plants makes for a powerful survey highly recommended for any gardening collection strong in xeriscaping.
The property is xeriscaped to save water, featuring all native plants, minimal turf areas and a water-saving irrigation system.
We planted 32 trees on the property to begin creating a strategic buffer to reduce overheating on the southwest side of the kitchen, and we xeriscaped to reduce water usage in our landscaping," she said.
In front of the wall is a sloping mound covered in xeriscaped mulch and plants.
We Xeriscaped our yard over 20 years ago to save both water and time on yard work.
2) Orange gazanias are part of a xeriscaped Antelope Valley yard done by Greenbee Nursery.
Landscaping was upgraded and xeriscaped across both properties to enhance the property drive-by and curb appeal and provide additional water conservation.
Xeriscaped landscapes are also still new enough and few enough that there may be an economic marketing benefit to the homeowner at the time the property is put up for sale.