xerographic printer

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Noun1.xerographic printer - a page printer that uses the xerographic processxerographic printer - a page printer that uses the xerographic process
page printer, page-at-a-time printer - a printer that prints one page at a time
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have discovered a way to use an ordinary xerographic printer to insert hologram-like images in common documents.
Tenders are invited for Supply A3 and A4 Paper for Xerographic Printers and Copiers
The latest generation of digital xerographic printers and presses provides an excellent foundation for these services, offering outstanding image quality, low per-print costs, fast turnaround, and high reliability.
The innovative security printing method uses a special combination of toners - the "dry ink" used in xerographic printers - to create the secure imprint.
Tenders are invited for Supply of A3 and A4 Paper Xerographic Printers and Copiers.
Photoreceptors are the light-sensitive elements at the heart of xerographic printers and copiers.