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Adj.1.xlviii - being eight more than fortyxlviii - being eight more than forty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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com/broncos/2014/01/29/floyd-mayweather-bets-10-million-denver-broncos-allegedly/25996/) allegedly bet $10 million on Super Bowl XLVIII.
Aegon Asset Management US has closed Garnet LIHTC Fund XLVIII, LLC, a USD 105m national, low-income housing tax credit fund, the company said.
In 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII was played on a UBU Sports synthetic turf system at MetLife Stadium, and the previous year, Super Bowl XLVII was played at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, which is home to UBU Sports' Speed S5-M synthetic turf surface.
THE Open Meeting at Cheltenham swept over me like a tsunami, leaving a trail of devastation to my betting accounts not witnessed since the Seahawks thrashed the Broncos 43-8 in Superbowl XLVIII.
El mandatario hidalguense, Jose Francisco Olvera Raiz, asistio a las mesas de trabajo de la XLVIII Reunion Ordinaria de la Conferencia Nacional de Gobernadores (Conago), llevadas a cabo en el arda Magna del Centro de Convenciones Bicentenario, en la ciudad de Durango, donde se informo que el y sus homologos del Estado de Mexico, Durango, Chihuahua, Coahuila y Guanajuato, asi como el jefe de Gobierno del Distrito Federal, conforman a partir de hoy un grupo de trabajo para consolidar el sustento legal del mencionado organismo.
This is Lynch's second trademark filing for a media-related catchphrase, as he previously filed an application for a trademark on the phrase "I'm just about that action, boss," which Lynch uttered in an interview with NFL media prior to Super Bowl XLVIII.
As a continuation of the brand's "Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens" creative campaign, which was introduced at Super Bowl XLVIII and continued with this summer's Whatever, USA, event, Bud Light is bringing the first-ever House of Whatever to Super Bowl XLIX, featuring three days of unforgettable parties, amazing concerts and one-of-a-kind activities.
The New England Patriots, playing in their third consecutive AFC Championship Game, lose in Denver to the Broncos, 26-16, for the right to play the eventual champion Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Our fans have really enjoyed the 'Up For Whatever' activations we've done this year, from the 'Epic Night' spot at Super Bowl XLVIII to this summer's incredible 'Whatever, USA' experience in Colorado," says Bud Light vice president Adam Lambrecht.
Like the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks, you can win championships and bask in the glory of success by building a great defence fit to Like the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks, you can win championships and bask in the glory of success by building a great defence fit to challenge the best offences in the game.
far outstrip the Sochi Winter Olympics and Superbowl XLVIII.
It's part of a detailed, comprehensive NFL strategy that kicked off with the successful "7 Days to Sunday" Super Bowl XLVIII promotion and mobile Football Fan Machines.