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Adj.1.xxxiv - being four more than thirtyxxxiv - being four more than thirty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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00 - Opening Ceremony of the XXXIV International Sarajevo Festival "Sarajevo Winter 2018 - The Other Face of the World"
EunSung will be attending the HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair 2016, China Beauty Expo 2016 21st Edition, XXXIV RADLA 2016, 4th Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress - Eastern Europe, and the 25th EADV Congress.
Maxim Huerta ha quedado finalista para los XXXIV Premios de la Critica Literaria Valenciana, organizados por la Asociacion de Escritores y Criticos Literarios, que se fallaran el 11 de abril, con su ultima novela La noche sonada.
MERCEDES DE LA GARZA CAMINO, como erudita filologa especializada en la cultura maya, fueron galardonados con el PREMIO ERASMO DE ROTTERDAM 2013, con motivo de la celebracion del XXXIV Aniversario del COLEGIO ERASMO DE ROTTERDAM.
Ese acto forma parte del conjunto de actividades de la Graduacion Solemne del Dia de la Universidad, con ocasion de su XXXIV Aniversario, que estuvo colmada de publico.
McNabb, Steve McNair, who was the starting QB in Tennessee's Super Bowl XXXIV loss to St.
500 pp, 42 figs, 43 b/w pls, 12 color pis Agora XXXIV ISBN 0-87661-234-6 Fall 2005 Cloth $150 / 95 [pounds sterling]
The XXXIV Annual Meeting of Aticelca, Italy's Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper, will Lake place May 29 and 30, 2003, in Modena, Italy.
In his October 2, 1979, address to the XXXIV General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, Pope John II said, "the most frequent pitfall for human activities is the possibility of losing sight, while performing them, of the clearest truths, the most elementary principles.
Most recalled Super Bowl XXXIV Internet spot: E*trade, 69%
The Health and Consumer Protection DG was created last September by merging responsibility for animal, public and plant health matters and consumer policy and thus regrouping parts of the old DG V (employment and Social Affairs) ad VI (Agriculture) with the former DG XXXIV (Consumer Protection).