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A yellow, water-soluble, gummy polysaccharide found in plant cell walls and yielding xylose upon hydrolysis.


(Biochemistry) biochem a yellow polysaccharide consisting of xylose units: occurs in straw husks and other woody tissue


(ˈzaɪ læn)

the pentosan occurring in woody tissue that hydrolyzes to xylose.
[1890–95; < Greek xýl(on) wood]
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In particular Coatresa work with Whitford Xylan [R] Coatings.
The experimental researches were performed on a test stand existing within the University "Eftimie Murgu", Resita, on whose gear a one, two and three layers of fluoro-polymerised Xylan 1052 were filled.
One that degrades xylan would be of interest because xylan forms the backbone of hemicellulose, a molecule that complicates production of cellulosic ethanol.
Xylan is widely distributed in plant cell walls and forms a main part of the hemicellulose fraction [1].
THIS shimmering silver-coloured Xylan stir-fry wok has the style and taste to match the food cooked in it.
Production of endoglucanase was induced by microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and xylan.
Venture Partners and has led USVP's investments in Accelerated Networks, Occam Networks, Verity, Rasna, Xylan, Applied Digital Access, Elantec and Micro Linear, all of which became public companies.
Former Xylan and PMC-Sierra CFO Brings Extensive Experience in Leading
WAIT OVER: French telecommunications giant Alcatel SA said Wednesday that a government-imposed waiting period has ended, clearing the way for its purchase of Calabasas-based Xylan Corp.
Production of polygalacturonase and pectinesterase was induced by pectin, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, and xylan.
Before his work with Xylan, he spent six years at Bay Networks/Wellfleet Communications, where he was responsible for the overall project management of the BNX Frame Relay Switch tending to major customers such as MCI and Stentor.