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(zɪst) ,




1. (Architecture) a long portico, esp one used in ancient Greece for athletics
2. (Architecture) (in ancient Rome) a covered garden walk or one lined with trees
[C17: from Latin xystus, from Greek xustos, literally: smoothed, polished (area), from xuein to scrape, make smooth]
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Mr Marston, Mark Firmin and Howard Smith from KPMG's Restructuring practice were appointed joint administrators to Collectables Retail Limited and the related business Xystos Wholesale Limited.
In 2004 he added a pounds 4m wholesale division, Xystos, to the mix, which has allowed Collectables to introduce 45 new lines and sell to retail multiples all over the UK.
Netpulse Communications, E-Zone Networks and Xystos Media Networks today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to merge the three interactive media companies.