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The old YAGs could only accommodate up to 14 crew, all of who were sharing sleeping quarters.
The YAG vessel replacement program (ORCAs) was to provide and have proven to be an invaluable asset in meeting all of these goals", said Vice-Admiral Buck (ret'd), who was chief of the maritime staff when the ORCA program was approved.
A good example of the breadth of what YAG lasers are now doing is provided by Lumonics Corp, Industrial Products Div, Livonia, MI.
The 1-kW pulsed YAG laser is offered in three versions: the 706 for welding, the 707 for cutting, and the 708 for drilling.
An interesting Lumonics YAG application is at the Gillette Safety Razor Co, welding Sensor razor assemblies.
In a YAG system, the fiber is hooked up just like another electrical cable on that robot arm, and delivery is not affected by robot movement.