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The office or residence of an official in the Chinese Empire.

[Mandarin yámen, from Middle Chinese nja⋮ mun : Middle Chinese nja⋮, magistracy, headquarters of a magistrate; akin to nja⋮, tooth, flag with a serrated edge planted outside an official's tent + Middle Chinese mun, gate.]


(Historical Terms) (in imperial China) the office or residence of a public official
[C19: from Chinese, from ya general's office + měn gate]


(ˈyɑ mən)

(in the Chinese Empire) the residence or office of a public official.
[1820–30; < Chinese yámen= office + mén gate]
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These yamen employees were local residents recruited by the county magistrate to run the day to day administrative and judicial tasks of the yamen, which functioned as the most immediate point of contact between the common population and the state.