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(in Latin America) a North American


(ˈyɑŋ ki)

n., pl. -quis (-kēs). (often cap.) Spanish.
(in Latin America) Yankee; a U.S. citizen.
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firms to regain a foothold on an island where American brands and products are revered but the government remains deeply wary of steamrolling yanqui capitalism.
It is accomplishing nothing, and has needlessly prolonged the suffering of the Cuban people, while allowing the brothers Castro to stoke nationalism by claiming that all Cuba's woes are caused by the yanqui embargo.
Treasury check because doing so would be an admission of yanqui sovereignty over the base.
Revolutionary culture, culture of our people, in the only true teaching, JIBARO SI, YANQUI NO
Yanqui consumption and enjoyment of quesadillas and margaritas, in this view, somehow signifies a weakness in the Mexican character.
29) On political terms, this final statement undermines the disapproving mood of the rest of the poem-in the spirit of Yanqui go home, why would he want to return with a gringa?
NINETEENTH-CENTURY southern California attracted a variety of Yanqui entrepreneurs.
Americans were the enemy, and slogans were everywhere: "Cuba Si, Yanqui No," "Patria o Muerte" and "Paredon
Yanqui imperialism; Zionist adventurism; beisbol; and, oddly, the World Cup, for which Cuba did not qualify.
It may have been glorious in the sense there was protracted resistance to the unprovoked Yanqui invasion.
Chavez who paint his critics as Yanqui imperialists or coup-plotters.
En 1895 estallo la segunda guerra de independencia y tres anos mas tarde tuvo lugar la intervencion yanqui en el conflicto entre patriotas cubanos y espanoles colonialistas.