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(in Latin America) a North American


(ˈyɑŋ ki)

n., pl. -quis (-kēs). (often cap.) Spanish.
(in Latin America) Yankee; a U.S. citizen.
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Your revolver is especially nice in that it is engraved and nickel plated, with pearl grips (not ivory), the frame engraving and grips emblazoned with the Mexican eagle motif, a design intended to appeal not only to those south of the border but to yanquis as well.
At The Yanquis, one of the last remaining bars still operating on Avenida Juarez, Fletcher, an expat American, drinks cheap beers and chats to the prostitutes.
w]e must learn our long history of fighting against cultural, as well as economic genocide by the Spaniards and now the yanquis.
In October, Villa--whom the Americans never came close to capturing--issued a manifesto calling upon the nation to unite and expel the invasores yanquis, the expropriation of all foreign-owned mines, ranches and railroads and outlawing foreigners (a.
It sells the best farmland to the yanquis and grows fat on the profits.
25) COM, however, refused to jump on Huerta's bandwagon and close ranks against the yanquis.
Others are made up of old school chums or neighborhood and business friends--or, in the case of the members of Los Yanquis, expat veganos living in New York.
But he was disappointed when the Yanquis espousing those ideals trampled on the rights of his people.
Codenamed Yanquis, the operation is based on research by the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science set up in honour of the murdered TV presenter.
Water Line: Ernest Hemingway: Cubans, Yanquis, and the Ship on the Tennis Court.
So when you hear that the United States is filling the skies with AWACS surveillance planes to intercept drug smugglers or when you hear about Colombian peasants being horrified when the Yanquis offer to supply them with worms that will chew up their coca cash crop, permit yourself a laugh or two, however bitter.