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8) Al mismo tiempo, en un plano mas "interno y personal", el yantra se concibe y se traza como un soporte para la meditacion; mas exactamente, para una visualizacion concentrada y una intima experiencia interior del juego polar y de la paradoja rompedora de toda logica de la eternidad y del tiempo.
Tenders are invited for The subject of this public procurement includes: "Development of an investment project in the" Conceptual design "phase for" Concept of activities for conservation and restoration of the Kolyu Ficheto bridge over the Yantra river near Byala and improvement of the infrastructure and tourist access "for application under procedure for development of tourist attractions under Priority Axis 6 "Regional Tourism" under Operational Program "Regions of Growth" 2014-2020.
Dedicated to this spiritual fervor, ORRA has launched its 'Yantra Mudra' collection with carefully thought out pedants, resembling a Gold Mudra (coin) with auspicious Yantras beautifully crafted on the back.
Patton examines various mystical diagrams described as yantra that are widely used by weikza practitioners.
Four critical sections on the river have been identified a Belene, Batin, the mouth of Yantra river and Popina.
These photographs have then been hand- painted over with gold yantra s in accordance to the science of geometry.
Yantra Financial Technologies has successfully completed certification with the PULSE Network for gateway and debit card processing.
The Yantra Kit, above, includes a belt, pillow and rings - three acupressure items designed to ease aches and pains, relieve stress and improve sleep.
Though originally referred to simply as the "Jantra" (or Yantra, meaning instrument) by the astrophysicist Virendra Nath Sharma in his detailed book on Sawai Jai Singh and his Astronomy, it has from the 19th century onwards been variously called the "Yantra Mandir", the "Yantra Mantra" and the Jantar Mantar,--the name by which it is known today (figure 2).
90/ 19g from Boots BJUST 20 it JUST 20 minutes on a Yantra Mat and you'll be ready to face the present wrapping and turkey stuffing.
Robot and the Wizard performs at Nregular Radio Presents: The Battle for the Freedom Rally, with "H," Cougar Bait, High Diner, Yantra, and Jplime
This meditative DVD, filled with hauntingly beautiful chanted mantras (in Sanskrit, man means "mind," and tra means "to free" so a mantra is "sound that frees the mind") and light-filled yantras (yan means "journey" so yantra is a visual journey to freedom) is described as "a direct portal to the authentic beauty and profound power of yantras and mantras.