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 (yär′bûr′ō, -bər-ə)
n. Games
A bridge or whist hand containing no honor cards.

[After Charles Anderson Worsley, Second Earl of Yarborough (1809-1897), said to have bet 1,000 to 1 that such a hand would not occur.]


(ˈjɑːbərə; -brə)
1. (Bridge) bridge whist a hand of 13 cards in which no card is higher than nine
2. (Card Games) bridge whist a hand of 13 cards in which no card is higher than nine
[C19: supposed to be named after the second Earl of Yarborough (1809–62), who is said to have bet a thousand to one against the occurrence of such a hand]


(ˈyɑrˌbɜr oʊ, -ˌbʌr oʊ; esp. Brit. -bər ə)

a hand in bridge or whist in which no card is higher than a nine.
[1895–1900; after the 2nd Earl of Yarborough (d. 1897), said to have bet 1000 to 1 against its occurrence]
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