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also yar·mel·ke  (yär′məl-kə, yä′məl-)
A skullcap worn by Jewish men and boys, especially those adhering to Orthodox or Conservative Judaism. Also called kippah.

[Yiddish, from Polish, yarmul̷ka and Ukrainian yarmulka, from Turkish yağmurluk, rain clothing, from yağmur, rain, from Old Turkic, from yağmaq, to rain.]


(Judaism) Judaism a skullcap worn by orthodox male Jews at all times, and by others during prayer
[from Yiddish, from Ukrainian and Polish yarmulka cap, probably from Turkish yaǧmurluk raincoat, from yaǧmur rain]


or yar•mel•ke

(ˈyɑr məl kə, -mə-, ˈyɑ-)

n., pl. -kes.
a skullcap worn by Jewish Orthodox or Conservative males, esp. during meals, prayer, and religious study.
[1940–45; < Yiddish yarmlke < Polish jarmułka (earlier jałmurka, jamułka) or Ukrainian yarmúlka < Turkic; compare Turkish yağmurluk rain apparel =yağmur rain + -luk]


A skullcap worn by Jewish men and boys.
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Noun1.yarmulke - a skullcap worn by religious Jews (especially at prayer)yarmulke - a skullcap worn by religious Jews (especially at prayer)
skullcap - rounded brimless cap fitting the crown of the head


nJarmulke f, → Gebetskäppchen nt
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Calling himself an "honourary member of the tribe", wearing a yarmulke and standing at the bimah where rabbis chant from the Torah, he told about 1,000 people he would reject a "bad deal" which failed to cut off Iran's ways to developing atomic bombs.
Weinberger that a Jewish Air Force officer didn't have a right to wear a yarmulke when in uniform, because members of the military don't have the same right to religious expression as ordinary citizens.
With a skillion-dollar budget and enough spent joules of energy to heat an Alpine village for a year, you'd think there might have been a continuity editor as capable as Elsa, who commanded every yarmulke and canape at my sister's wedding, and certified that the bouquet for the formal photography session (that wilted) matched the second bouquet that was carried down the aisle bloom for bloom and fern for fern.
They do have to accommodate a yarmulke,'' Ginsburg said, referring to a Jewish skullcap.
Guilty, Freundel, a bearded figure wearing glasses and a yarmulke, said when asked how he pleaded byDistrict of ColumbiaSuperior Court JudgeGeoffrey Alprin.
Members of Orthodox Jewish groups generally wear the yarmulke or skullcap and share an affinity with Islam in opposing restrictions on headgear.
The attack was believed to be an anti-Semitic behaviour as the boy was wearing a yarmulke or a Jewish cap.
Every Jew still cherishes his yarmulke and wishes to have his own collection in his wardrobe.
During the upsherin celebration, family and friends each cut a lock of hair, and Pinny starts wearing a yarmulke and tzitzis every day.
He had the white shirt and black pants, the scraggly, unwashed beard, the curly payos tucked behind his ears, a baseball cap instead of a yarmulke, and a stuffed blue backpack riding high on his back.
Whether they wear a headscarf or a yarmulke, a sari or a skirt is immaterial.
Yes, a big, fat, velvet yarmulke spread out on his fat, bald head, and she trembles.