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A small evergreen holly tree (Ilex vomitoria) chiefly of the southeast United States, having red or sometimes yellow fruit and glossy leaves formerly used to make a bitter tea.

[Catawba yã´pã.]


(ˈjɔːpən) or


(Plants) a southern US evergreen holly shrub, Ilex vomitoria, with spreading branches, scarlet fruits, and oval leaves: used as a substitute for tea
[from Catawba yopun shrub, diminutive of yop tree]


(ˈyɔ pɒn)

a holly shrub or small tree, Ilex vomitoria, of the southern U.S., having bitter leaves that are sometimes brewed as a tea.
[1700–10, Amer.; < Catawba yą́pą=- wood, tree + leaf]
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Yaupon holly is a native invasive restricted to much of the South.
You could try yaupon or American hollies or larger forms of false cypress.
Oak Island received $300,000 to repair the Yaupon pier that was severely damaged during Hurricane Matthew.
A quick mental inventory of plants reassures me of my location, however: gnarled and twisted live oaks, eastern red cedars, yaupon holly and the lianas themselves--the native muscadine grape, Vitis rotundifolia.
Blumenthal said herbs such as saffron (Crocus sativus), and yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) are ingredients to watch.
She might continue, nevertheless, into the evergreen thicket of yaupon beside the dam where she could hear the flutter of birds building their nests, frantic in their need to reproduce.
The understory was dominated by yaupon (Ilex vomitoria) with lesser amounts of red bay (Persea borbonia) and cabbage palmetto (Sabalpalmetto) (Table 2).
Inside each letter are native Texan Yaupon Holly trees, which represent "wish" trees, a Japanese cultural tradition.
Resting vegetation commonly found in and around coastal hammocks, such as yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria Sol.
In another study, the researchers compared greenhouse gas emissions from four different sizes of containers used to grow dwarf yaupon holly, a popular woody shrub.
Native oak and invasive yaupon trees have sprouted.
The understory is dominated by yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria), American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana), and farkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum).