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A small evergreen holly tree (Ilex vomitoria) chiefly of the southeast United States, having red or sometimes yellow fruit and glossy leaves formerly used to make a bitter tea.

[Catawba yã´pã.]


(ˈjɔːpən) or


(Plants) a southern US evergreen holly shrub, Ilex vomitoria, with spreading branches, scarlet fruits, and oval leaves: used as a substitute for tea
[from Catawba yopun shrub, diminutive of yop tree]


(ˈyɔ pɒn)

a holly shrub or small tree, Ilex vomitoria, of the southern U.S., having bitter leaves that are sometimes brewed as a tea.
[1700–10, Amer.; < Catawba yą́pą=- wood, tree + leaf]
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Borders along the pathways are defined by layered hedges in subtly varied green hues: low-trimmed yaupon hollies; taller, squared-off wintergreen boxwoods ("They stay pretty and green throughout the winter," Teresa says); and interspersed gumdrop-shaped yaupons and ligustrums.
Fallen Oak runs adjacent to the stately DeSoto National Forest and is characterized by lush rolling landscape covered in oak and pine ridges, magnolia and pecan groves, yaupons, large lakes, winding streams and majestic marshes.