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Gaping open; cavernous: a yawning abyss.

yawn′ing·ly adv.
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Tope with his large keys, and yawningly unlocks and sets open.
Some areas of the exhibition were left yawningly empty of art or of anything save a snippet of Gordon's vinyl dialogue.
So when J-Lo revealed that she was calling her son Max (THE SAME NAME KERRY KATONA HAS CHOSEN) and her daughter the yawningly low-key Emme it was something of a letdown.
Teeing off the first day at a yawningly early 7am with unknown Americans Lee Williams and Michael Putnam.
Frankie had two roommates who were big fat party animals, and would often stumble in from the bar smelling like warm whisky and puke, just as Frankie was yawningly stepping into his running shoes.
And if we're judging her new book by the cover, this just suggests it's yawningly boring
The Ka is based on the Fiesta floorpan from a time when Ford finally got it right after a lot of yawningly average models.