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intr.v. yawped, yawp·ing, yawps
1. To utter a sharp cry; yelp.
2. To talk loudly, raucously, or coarsely.
1. A bark; a yelp.
2. Loud or coarse talk or utterance: "I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world" (Walt Whitman).

[Middle English yolpen, possibly variant of yelpen; see yelp.]

yawp′er n.


a course, noisy, harsh, or strident utterance
References in classic literature ?
Now some people like to take a book and sit down and read, and read, and read, or moon around yawping at the lake or these mountains and things, but that ain't my way; no, sir, if they like it, let 'em do it, I don't object; but as for me, talking's what I like.
And the beginnings of American poetry have Walt Whitman yawping, "I celebrate myself," while Emily Dickinson, in opposition, declares, "I'm Nobody
As a former student of Andrei, I know him not only for his work but for his yawping underneath waterfalls, improvising love songs in caves, and hunting for chanterelles in the Ozarks.