1. One who has a confidently positive attitude.
2. One who tends to agree uncritically with others.
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Also, he overworks it, in part because he is himself--undisguisedly--an idealistic and even sentimental yea-sayer.
That he does so bolsters Marvin's position as a yea-sayer and, ironically, undercuts Mary's as a naysayer, although at the end of the book, she claims she "can now understand--and almost agree with--his [Marvin's] feeling that Anthony and Cleopatra is as fine a play as Shakespeare ever wrote, if not his absolute greatest" (481).
The third yea-sayer is feminist Gail Godwin, author of Evensong (1999) and other novels.
A strict yea-sayer would answer "yes" to a DC question regardless of whether the bid value asked is larger or smaller than their true WTP.
This would be expected, because at low bid amounts a high proportion of yea-sayers would find that their true WTP actually is greater than the bid amount asked.
Hijacking the theater of politics, as it were, turning it into a puppet show, casting each and every yea-sayer in his useful role, normalizing unruliness, he will steer the ship in any direction he pleases.
If the "nay" votes beat the number of yea-sayers, the exit door of the eurozone for Greece will open wide.
It might still flop, making early yea-sayers like me look daft.
Wealthy since an early age and surrounded by yea-sayers, it's easy to see how her dark side was spawned.
One man who may convert more naysayers to yea-sayers is John K.
Add to the obeisance of the yea-sayers the quiet capitulation of the majority, and injustice and untruth will gain the upper hand.