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n. pl.1.The maws, or stomachs, of young calves, used as a rennet for curdling milk.
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Two young lovers were exchanging their hearts' yearnings beneath the children's tent, which they had found unoccupied.
Memories of the old life--his old hopes and his old yearnings, his old dreams of decency and independence
I had vague, indistinct yearnings to be a sort of emancipator,--to free my native land from this spot and stain.
When he had done, instead of feeling better, calmer, more enlightened by his discourse, I experienced an inexpressible sadness; for it seemed to me--I know not whether equally so to others--that the eloquence to which I had been listening had sprung from a depth where lay turbid dregs of disappointment--where moved troubling impulses of insatiate yearnings and disquieting aspirations.
I was not afraid of the shabby coat, and had no yearnings after gallant greys.
Such fantastic pictures of future society, painted at a time when the proletariat is still in a very undeveloped state and has but a fantastic conception of its own position correspond with the first instinctive yearnings of that class for a general reconstruction of society.
There are as many elixirs of every kind as there are caprices and peculiarities in the physical and moral nature of humanity; and I will say further -- the art of these chemists is capable with the utmost precision to accommodate and proportion the remedy and the bane to yearnings for love or desires for vengeance.
He was one of those wretched and evil men whose yearnings are downward to the darkness, instead of heavenward, and who, could they but extinguish the lights which God hath kindled for us, would count the midnight gloom their chiefest glory.
But while they spoke softly, and he was watching the happy sadness, the lightsome shadows, the shy yearnings of a maiden's nature, the wind through the Notch took a deeper and drearier sound.
It might bring him into contact with his family again, and he felt no yearnings in that direction: moreover, he had small belief that the "something to his advantage" could be anything considerable.
We look at the one little woman's face we love as we look at the face of our mother earth, and see all sorts of answers to our own yearnings.
But then, again, my exasperating insight into Alfred's self- complacent soul, his freedom from all the doubts and fears, the unsatisfied yearnings, the exquisite tortures of sensitiveness, that had made the web of my life, seemed to absolve me from all bonds towards him.