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adj. yeast·i·er, yeast·i·est
1. Of, similar to, or containing yeast: yeasty dough.
2. Causing or characterized by unrest or agitation; turbulent: the yeasty days before the new government was established.
3. Frothy; frivolous: a yeasty comedy.
4. Full of productivity or vitality; exuberantly creative.

yeast′i·ly adv.
yeast′i·ness n.
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Pass out copies of our "Wines at a Glance" chart (page 96), which maps key traits among the sparklers, and have everyone smell and taste each to see if they can pick up the yeastiness in Champagne, the crisp dryness of the West Coast sparkler, or the faint rubber aroma in cava (quite appealing to some people).
He owned a flour mill, and although I don't bake much, I like to think I can detect a trace of yeastiness from all the bread that must have been baked in the house in those early years.
The two main alternative ways to introduce carbon dioxide (CO2) are fermenting in the bottle (as with Champagne), which imparts a bread dough-like yeastiness, or fermenting in a tank, which enhances fresh, fruity grape flavors.
with coffee and dark roasted malt flavors in the forefront, a subtle yeastiness mid-palate, and hops present on the back end.
Made predominantly from the champagne grapes of chardonnay and pinot noir, plus a spot of chenin blanc, it has a bit of citrussy zing, a bit of toasty yeastiness and bags of bubbly presence.
99 in Waitrose) and is always good: a quality wine, by any standards, with a fresh, slightly floral aroma with just a little yeastiness and a deliciously clean, crisply dry, apple-like flavour.
There's a strong flavor of honey without any sense of it being overly sweet or the yeastiness so typical of generic beer brands.
However, on drinking, all l could really taste was a certain yeastiness.
It's got some yeastiness and a good bitter/dry finish.
It is said to marry with food very well, particularly pizza to compliment the rich yeastiness and, rather dangerously, it is very moreish.
Another reported a yeastiness in one of three cups.
Even beer swillers are starting to Goolden, trying to justify their hobby by droning on about maltiness, yeastiness, hoppiness, and the creaminess of the head.