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Adj.1.yeastlike - of or resembling or containing yeast
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Subsequent histologic examination of skin biopsy specimens from all patients showed granulomas and yeastlike organisms.
57), (58) "The ability to switch between a yeastlike form and filamentous form is an extended characteristic among several fungi.
Conidia have long been the spores of choice for biopesticide uses, but other fungal cells can be just as effective, including yeastlike structures called "blastospores" and clumps of pigmented fibers known as "microsclerotia.
In both cases, routine, liquid-based Pap tests (ThinPrep, Hologic, Inc, Marlborough, Massachusetts) showed many fungal-like elements that consisted of globose, yeastlike forms measuring 10 to 30 [micro]m in diameter.
It produces septate hyphae, arthroconidia, and yeastlike growth on culture media.
One theory suggests that the microscopic, yeastlike fungus only recently arrived in the Northwest from the tropics, where it's long been established, Bartlett said.
The superficial portions of the vegetations were composed largely of fibrin with focal calcifications and abundant yeastlike cells entrapped within the fibrin.
The typical histologic findings include irregularly swollen hyphae and yeastlike forms.
Pathogenic fungi such as Histoplasma capsulatum can grow in two different forms: yeastlike or mycelial form based on its environment.
Many participants thought they could identify visible signs that indicate if a partner is infected (for example, a sore on the mouth or genitals, presence of yeastlike vaginal discharge or abnormal odor):