yellowish brown

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Noun1.yellowish brown - a medium to dark tan coloryellowish brown - a medium to dark tan color    
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
snuff-color, snuff-colour - dark yellowish brown
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Pontellier's eyes were quick and bright; they were a yellowish brown, about the color of her hair.
Pat is dead," said the Story Girl hopelessly, as we returned one evening from a bootless quest to Andrew Cowan's where a strange gray cat had been reported--a cat which turned out to be a yellowish brown nondescript, with no tail to speak of.
While crossing, I saw numerous whales belonging to the three kinds peculiar to the southern seas; the whale, or the English "right whale," which has no dorsal fin; the "humpback," with reeved chest and large, whitish fins, which, in spite of its name, do not form wings; and the fin-back, of a yellowish brown, the liveliest of all the cetacea.
He was dressed in an awkward suit of yellowish brown.
It was a yellowish brown and seemed coated with a rough and half-dry mucus.
In frontal view, frons with dark brown central stripe between 2 yellowish brown bands going from basis of each antennal scape to the darker frontoclypeal suture, and small dark brown spot in this stripe, below the scapes (Fig.
They are self-preserving, slightly opaque (translucent), yellowish brown, slightly viscous liquids which are stable for a minimum of 12 months if refrigerated (2-8[degrees]C).
These nine breeds included six Korean native chicken breeds (Korean Reddish Brown, KR; Korean Yellowish Brown, KY; Korean Grayish Brown, KG; Korean Black, KB; Korean White, KW; Korean Ogye, KO) and three imported breeds (White Leghorn, WL; Rhode Island Red, RI; Cornish, CN), with 50 individuals per breed respectively.
Sides of head yellowish brown, opercle golden yellow, scale borders brownish; black suborbital bar.
dorado (also called cuir: a light yellowish brown to gold)
The flowering spikes are a bit longer, pale green and dries from base to yellowish brown.