yellowish green

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Noun1.yellowish green - a shade of green tinged with yellowyellowish green - a shade of green tinged with yellow
green, viridity, greenness - green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass
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Little mounds of yellowish green were away at the right, while on the left waved a group of tall leafy trees bearing yellow blossoms that looked like tassels and pompoms.
They appear to vary their tints according to the nature of the ground over which they pass: when in deep water, their general shade was brownish purple, but when placed on the land, or in shallow water, this dark tint changed into one of a yellowish green.
Over in Piquete Cue, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) north of Asuncion, fans of botany, water lilies and the unusual pay about $5 for one memorable boat ride to the bright yellowish green star of the really singular show.
As they heal, bruises go through colour changes from purple to brown to a yellowish green colour due to the breakdown of blood.
They want colors outside of the regular standard automotive palette like a yellowish green with a mat clearcoat to express individuality.
For example, a leaf can be perceived as different colors from yellowish green to turquoise, depending on brightness of the light.
The newly formed obtect pupa was yellowish green in color, however, after a day or two it became brownish and gradually attained dark brown color by the time of adult emergence (Plate 1).
arboreum and Marvi produced hard reddish brown and hard reddish green callus respectively, whereas Cris varieties (121 and 09) showed granular whitish yellow and loose sticky yellowish green callus respectively (figure 1).
The yellowish green colour combined with an excellent polish made these stones quite attractive.
The hell's fire sea anemone can be light yellowish green, tan, brown, light green or gray-monochromatic or a combination of colors-with leaf-shaped, feathery tentacles of varying sizes.
A string of yellowish green light exaggerates the singer's elaborate headpiece, giving her an alien-like silhouette.