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Any of several small warblers of the genus Geothlypis of the Americas, especially G. trichas, having a brownish back, yellow throat, and, in the male, a black facial mask.


(Animals) a type of warbler of the genus Geothlypis having a yellow throat and found in the Americas


(ˈyɛl oʊˌθroʊt)

any of various New World wood warblers of the genus Geothlypis, typically nesting in dense undergrowth, esp. the common North American species G. trichas, with a yellow throat and breast, and, in the male, a black mask.
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Noun1.yellowthroat - small olive-colored American warblers with yellow breast and throatyellowthroat - small olive-colored American warblers with yellow breast and throat
New World warbler, wood warbler - small bright-colored American songbird with a weak unmusical song
genus Geothlypis, Geothlypis - yellowthroats
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During May-July 2008 and May-August 2009, we collected blood samples from Brownsville Common Yellowthroats in the LRGV of southern Texas, USA.
At the Dead Creek Bird Observatory, where Claire does the banding, volunteers see 30 to 40 different species of birds over 10 weeks during the summer, including song sparrows, yellow warblers, cedar waxwings, gray catbirds, American goldfinches, and common yellowthroats.
Though breeding was suspected in the Ballona area (location unknown) on 17 July 1995 (copulation observed, LACBBA), it was not confirmed until 2004 when a juvenile was observed being fed by Common Yellowthroats at BFM on 04 July (DSC).
Clay-colored Sparrows (Spizella pallida) and Common Yellowthroats (Geothlypis trichas) were most abundant >8 yr postfire.
Cedar bogs support high breeding bird densities (425 to 554 pairs per 100 acres or 40 ha) of species such as ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapillus), yellowthroats (Geothlypus trichas), and prairie, prothonotary, and hooded warblers (Dendroica discolor, Protonotaria citrea, and Wilsonia citrna, respectively).
2003) described significant annual variation in the initial mass of captured birds, stopover length among females, and mass gains by both males and females in a study of the spring migration of Common Yellowthroats (Geothylpis trichas).
Female Common Yellowthroats also have been observed singing on rare occasions (pers.
Dispersion patterns and habitat associations of Rufous-sided Towhees, Common Yellowthroats, and Prairie Warbiers in a southeastern Massachusetts pine barrens.
During a 45-min sweep (0015 to 0100 hrs, EDT) of parts of the open area of two decks, I found eight dead Common Yellowthroats (Geothlypis trichas).
However, some grassland species such as Vesper (Pooecetes gramineus) and Clay-colored (Spizella pallida) sparrows, and Common Yellowthroats (Geothlypis trichas) may be tolerant of woodland encroachment at the landscape scale (Grant et al.
Characteristics, use, and possible functions of the perch songs and chatter calls of male Common Yellowthroats.
An evaluation of condition indices and predictive models for non-invasive estimates of lipid mass of migrating Common Yellowthroats, Ovenbirds and Swainson's Thrushes.