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v. yelped, yelp·ing, yelps
To utter a short, sharp bark or cry: excited dogs yelping; yelped in pain when the bee stung.
To utter by yelping.
A short, sharp cry or bark.

[Middle English yelpen, to cry aloud, from Old English gelpan, gielpan, to boast; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

yelp′er n.
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Leading the band's somewhat shambolic charge was singer Calum Gunn, although given his vocal style, yelper might be a better description of his role in a line-up which boasts two drummers.
The HS Strut Champion Yelper, Li'l Strut and Field Champion box calls are designed to work in the wettest conditions.
He may not have the prettiest set of gnashers, but at least Darkness yelper Justin Hawkins believes in a thing called oral hygiene.
It's called The Egg[TM] Push Button Yelper and its unique egg shape makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use.
The O1' Yelper is a one-piece box call manufactured of solid walnut with laser engraving.
One of Kirby's favorites is the Easy Yelper, a simple box call that can be operated with one finger.
com: “I hired BCS a few years ago - before I was a Yelper - and they were great.
To force the action, Stu opened up with his mouth yelper, and I answered with the glass friction call.
She is a little yelper because she is lonely and down in the dumps.
Outland Sports also has reduced the size of their pump-action yelper and put a mouthpiece on it to make a mouth yelper.
Primos [R] has also perfected the Wing Bone Yelper [TM] for this year.
One new trend in blown calls is the pump-action yelper.