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1. yeoman.
2. yeomanry.
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The YEO Network goes beyond the Convening, and beyond Andrew and I.
Details: For more information about the Young Elected Officials Network or the YEO National Convening, visit www.
A member of YEO since 1994, Cormier attends classes in entrepreneurship sponsored by the organization and finds the resources an invaluable asset in his role as an entrepreneur.
Suite 600 Arlington, VA 22201 703-527-4500 YEO provides mentoring, entrepreneurship education and peer networking to members, who must be under age 40 and founder, co-founder, owner or majority shareholder of a company grossing over $1 million.
We are excited about the recent growth and future potential of EO," remarked Hamid Moinamin, the 05/06 YEO DC Chapter President.
Membership in YEO is by invitation only, and is subject to approval by both YEO International and the sponsoring local chapter.
With MediaSource, YEO offers accredited journalists access to its members - the opportunity to initiate contact at your convenience with a growing resource of experts.
Through this agreement, YEO will offer its 4,500 members private foundations and administrative services from Foundation Source as part of YEO's Social Innovators Program.
YEO VALLEY Organic has launched three new products and repackaged three more.
Junior Achievement and YEO will present "JA in a Day," a fast-track program for volunteers who visit a local Denver classroom and teach the importance of free enterprise, business and economics in one visit.
According to the data that surveyed about 24 percent of the YEO membership in 2000, three-fourths of the YEO members responding say they are intent on growing their business for the long run.
YEO members, who must be under the age of 40, are owners, founders, co-founders, or controlling shareholders of a company with annual sales of $1 million or more.