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1. (Historical Terms) of, relating to, or like a yeoman
2. having the virtues attributed to yeomen, such as staunchness, loyalty, and courage
in a yeomanly manner, as in being brave, staunch, or loyal


(ˈyoʊ mən li)

1. of the condition or rank of a yeoman.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of a yeoman; sturdy and dependable; staunch.
3. like or as befits a yeoman.
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Plutus I haue seene you a thousand times at my maisters and yet I had neuer the manners to make you drinke, but sir, I am glad to see how conformable you are to the statute, I warrant you hees as yeomanly a man, as you shall see, marke you maisters, heers a plaine honest man, without welt or garde, but I pray you sir do you come lately from hel?
When Miller had offered his biography in the wake of Winslow's, he had simply shrugged off his competitor's contribution as a yeomanly effort--solid, thorough, reliable, and entirely beside the point.
For last year's Q4, we cut it too close on warehouse capacity to handle the $123 million in revenue comfortably (we ended up with an incredible shipping record, but only thanks to some yeomanly efforts).