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archaic of or relating to yesterday: yester sun. Also: yestern
[Old English geostror; related to Old High German gestaron, Gothic gistra, Old Norse ī gǣr]


(ˈyɛs tər)

adj. Archaic.
of or pertaining to yesterday (usu. used in combination): yesternight.
[1570–80; extracted from yesterday]


a combining form occurring in words that denote a time one period prior to the present period, the nature of the period being specified by the second element of the compound: yesteryear.
(Old English geostran, c. Old High German gestre; akin to Latin hesternus of yesterday]
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Probably she had not touched her dress since yester evening.
The great pavilion brought there yester eve is being raised, and carpenters are busy nailing tiers of seats, while `prentices from London town are there with many-coloured stuffs and silks and cloth of gold and silver.
According to the natives, the bridges have totally wretched; ditches are visible and on yester morning an over loaded bus was likely to capsize over Lehtrar road and commuters may become a victim of any severe disaster.
So that meant Kate Moss, Meg Matthews, Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney newbies Rita Ora Delevingne just wew re o gag udyas theSo t MoM ss, M Frost an showing and Cara what at their lege Bet yester quite so glam And Kate's leaving the v I'm sayi what kept them up all night at legendary parties.
Police issued missing persons notices yester pleading for the pair to come forward or for any sightings to be called into their missing persons team.
Police closed down the immediate surroundings of the tower, France's most visited monument, yester evening, blocking off traffic.
Mumbai: Shammi Kapoor, a film hero of yester years, will be felicitated today at the 10th Osian's Cinefan Film Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema.
However, I would not want your readers to have the impression that this is some quaint custom from yester year.
Shares still fell 5% yester day as investors reacted to the scrapping of the final dividend.
We have injected the tendon and it will be scanned this month," said north Yorkshire trainer Brian Ellison yester day.
In a town where some focus on the family, Yester is quietly focusing on raising a family of exceptional beers.
3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Noble Corporation previously reported on the status of its Noble Charlie Yester jackup rig, which was operating approximately 1,000 feet from the fire that began on and destroyed Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's (ONGC) BHN platform in the Bombay High field located approximately 100 miles off the west coast of India.