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a.1.Disposed to yield or comply.
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In this connection, it has been decided that lakhs of acres yieldable government's land would be distributed among landless farmers and tenants.
Yieldable lip designed to absorb incoming trailer impact that can cause platform and trailer damage
Zorian turned the concepts of embedded repair to real life systems that are yieldable and reliable, and succeeded in penetrating the industry and changing its standard practices.
Another key feature is the integral Edge of Dock Leveler which gives the ramp a yieldable bridge, eliminating product and trailer damage caused by a fixed lip style bridge.
NextSi[TM] Granular Polysilicon enhances the efficiency of the PV ingot manufacturing process by increasing the amount of yieldable ingot that can be harvested during a production cycle thereby increasing throughput, reducing production cost and increasing profit.
PROS O&D Hybrid Forecaster and Optimizer - forecasts the degree of price sensitivity among O&D passenger demand and determines the optimal mix of yieldable and priceable demand that will maximize network revenue