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Charlotte Watkins Yippee Christina X Parry I had to laugh when I read this I couldn't control it, it just fell out of my mouth, sorry.
Yippee for PetChatz then, who have invented a thingy so you can Facetime your feline friend and see what they're up to (spoiler alert: sleeping).
She shared a photo of her family on Twitter with the caption, "Happy new year yippee sydney fireworks da bomb
It was one of the only too frequent Cowboy Yippee Shoots, as we used to call them in Vietnam when I served there in the Australian army.
Youpi is a French word meaning yippee or yahoo, and the name aims to convey the core message that wearing the frames can be fun.
I doubt Hollywood is changing for the better because of this, but I can't help but let out a quiet yippee.
Yippee, we're going to get published in JAMA and they're going to make an example of us
a live track ("Big City Dreams" from 2008's The Yippee EP), and a b-side ("She's Got Style"), plus two music videos ("On the Brightside" from 2009's The Summer EP and a live video of "Trouble" -- a song from 2009's Me & My Uke EP -- that was shot in Grand Rapids, MI, in July).
Though ITC recently rolled out advertisements emphasising on the safety and the quality of its noodles, Yippee has failed quality tests.
But, crucially, they no longer feature on the unemployment statistics and, yippee, the government points to the effectiveness of the Chancellor''''s policies of austerity and contraction of the public sector.
On electrification of Welsh trains FIFTY per cent cheaper to run - yippee cheaper fares and journey times back to where they were decades ago.