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A member of a group of politically radical hippies, active especially during the late 1960s.

[From Y(outh) I(nternational) P(arty) (influenced by hippie).]


US a young politically active hippie


(ˈyɪp i)

a member of a group of radical, politically active hippies.
[1965–70, Amer.; Y(outh)I(nternational)P(arty) + -ie]
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16) This countercultural New Left was critical in developing forms of organizing that merged political activism and popular cultural practice--an activist strategy that, despite the short life of Yippie itself, laid the groundwork for, and would continue to profoundly influence, the city's anarchist and cultural communities across the 1970s and 1980s.
Moreover, the comic assemblage of references to a European past and American present in Watts' costume recalls Yippie theatrics, such as Jerry Rubin attending the House Committee on Un-American Activities investigations dressed as a Revolutionary War soldier, after he and Abbie Hoffman were subpoenaed in 1967.
In April 1969, the park founders--labeled "street people" and defined as "an amorphous assemblage of hippies, yippies, students, and others falling into no classification" by Time magazine- decided to issue a call for volunteers to help create "a cultural, political, freak-out and rap center for the Western world.
To his credit, Morgen depicts Seale as a disruptive courtroom presence, compared even with the more clownish antics of the yippies.
Berrigan began "Tambourine Life" with yippie Paul Krassner's famous bumper sticker centered between the margins, the most visceral opening of any poem since Beowulf.
Today, similar criticism is being leveled against this politician, who started as a sneaker- wearing yippie ["vom Sponti uber den Turnschuh"] and rose to be the elegant foreign minister of the republic (Gerber 2001) (11)
Since his days as a Yippie and as one of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, Krassner has been a fixture of counterculture humor.
Venerable French film journal champions American Western movies: Yippie yi-yo Cahiers
In 1999, long time NYC cannabis activist and Yippie leader Dana Beal took the New York City parade "global": the Global Marijuana March now takes place in approximately 300 cities around the world during the month of May to support worldwide marijuana legalization.
The exhibit, which opened last Thursday, does touch on the social issues of the times -- especially given that Abbie Hoffman, the political activist at the heart of the Yippie movement, was a city native and that the abortion pill was developed here.
When Ozzy and Sharon go to Washington for the dinner (Ozzy even turns up on C-SPAN when the prez refers to him in his speech), a yippie lapdog leaves his business on elegant Ritz Carlton carpeting.
described standing at Kennedy's funeral and watching Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Yippie activist Tom Hayden, such bitter enemies in that summer of 1968, quietly sobbing in different corners.