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v. yo·deled, yo·del·ing, yo·dels or yo·delled or yo·del·ling
To sing so that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and a falsetto.
To sing (a song) by yodeling.
A song or cry that is yodeled.

[German jodeln, from German dialectal jo, exclamation of delight, of imitative origin.]

yo′del·er n.


, (US) yodeling
nJodeln nt
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Godolphin can have a good afternoon with both Yodelling and Emirates Comfort primed to strike for Charlie Appleby and Saeed bin Suroor respectively.
Charlie Appleby has been very positive about YODELLING (2.
In the mists of time, yodelling was the way to communicate good news or dire warnings, pre-dating texting and tweeting by a few centuries.
Christian, who proposed to his wife Eva on a mountain top - in speech rather than yodel - dreamed up the idea of yodelling courses as he mowed his lawn one summer's day a few years back.
To lubrica| Yodelling instructor his 'aas' from his 'oos' our vocal chords and banish British reserve he dispensed generous measures of pine-flavoured schnapps from his hip flask.
To lubricate our vocal chords, our yodelling teacher Christian dispensed generous measures of schnapps.
Austrian mountain men know how to feed their from skiers - and their yodelling hikers.
Scherzinger, who has been in an off-on relationship with Lewis Hamilton, said that she didn't know that yodelling could be so "hot.
And the European champion from Switzerland has vowed to demonstrate his yodelling skills if he breaks the record to complete a remarkable comeback from a life-threatening illness.
AN Austrian has been fined for yodelling while mowing his lawn - because it offended his neighbours.
A GROUP of Alpine enthusiasts have summit to shout about after gaining the first ever degrees in yodelling.
He also sums up what had been a glorious 2008 for the club: celebrating its 90th anniversary; recording a first CD; touring the country to great acclaim; earning a standing ovation and a T (for excellence) rating at the Swiss national yodelling meet in Lucerne; numerous radio and TV appearances; and newspaper reviews like the Neue Zurcher Zeitung's that declared itself "amazed" by the performance of these yodellers from the "city of Calvin".