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Photos: Tirol Tourist Board IF the hills are alive with the sound of music, then the mountains positively reverberated with our yodels.
The book comes with a compact disc recording of Swiss Amish yodels sung by Fannie Klockner-Schwartz, who was raised in an Amish home near Berne.
ELMIRA - On a recent trip to Zion National Park, members of the Hanson family hiked a trail as 11-year-old Daniel's yodels echoed in a canyon.
A student guitarist will accompany him while he yodels to blues music.
Throughout history, people of Melanesia, Estonia, and Africa have developed their own yodels to communicate with others.
Highlights included Harris and her guitarist Buddy Miller's spine-tingling rendition of her old Gram Parsons duet ``Love Hurts''; a guest appearance by ``O, Brother'' co-star Tim Blake Nelson for a rousing, dueling yodels take on ``In the Jailhouse Now''; the evening's standout utility player, Union Station dobroist Jerry Douglas, singing hoarse patriarch Buck White's parts on the family band's ``Sandy Land,'' ``Keep on the Sunny Side'' and Emmylou-assisted ``Fair and Tender Ladies``; and an unbilled, two-song set of acoustic blues from a straw-hatted Taj Mahal.
Ring Dings, Ding Dongs, Devil Dogs, Ho Ho's, Yodels, Twinkies.
A display of Yodels or pesticide-sprayed apples will blow your credibility away.
The Yodel Studio kicks-off a casting call for the world's best new yodels, allowing people to personalize and reinterpret the Yahoo
He sings and he yodels,'' Martin said about the new dog.
Drake's Yodels, Funny Bones, and Ring Dings, consumed daily by millions of school-children, average 47 percent fat.