You're welcome

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You're welcome   
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I don't know what you're doing here, but you're welcome.
You look down on this, and you're welcome to,--and go away, in God's name go away
It ain't o' no use saying welcome to you, but you're welcome, kind and hearty.
God knows you're welcome to it - so far as it was ever mine," returned Joe, with a saving remembrance of Mrs.
Dad, you're welcome to your own jedgment, but remember I've warned ye.
Bogsby, "to haggle about money," though he looks something sharply after it, over the counter; "give your orders, you two gentlemen, and you're welcome to whatever you put a name to.
I haven't got another, but you're welcome to this,' said Wegg, resigning it.
He calls for a wider debate about the role of school in health matters, greater support for the development of teenage health clinics in educational settings and in the community, more integrated adolescent health promotion, better training for primary care personnel and other professionals and a commitment to the You're Welcome criteria.
However, you're welcome to make a donation of a few dollars to cover production expenses.
The topic this issue is open, so you're welcome to submit a piece of art on whatever subject interests you.
Cardinal-Baker was just one of 17 front-line stars of the greater Edmonton's hospitality industry honoured at Edmonton Tourism's 7th Annual You're Welcome Edmonton Awards at the Winspear Centre.
Already, the restaurant is booked solid for the next couple of weeks (at least when we called the day after it opened), but we were told you're welcome to walk in -- and see if you can secure a spot at the bar.