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1. A trailing, prickly shrub that is a hybrid between a blackberry and a dewberry.
2. The edible, dark red berry of this plant.

[After B.M. Young (fl. 1905), American fruit grower.]


(ˈjʌŋbərɪ; -brɪ)
n, pl -ries
1. (Plants) a trailing bramble of the southwestern US that is a hybrid of a blackberry and dewberry with large sweet dark purple fruits
2. (Cookery) the fruit of this plant
[C20: named after B. M. Young, US fruit-grower who was first to cultivate it (circa 1900)]


(ˈyʌŋˌbɛr i, -bə ri)

n., pl. -ries.
1. a large, sweet, purple berry that is a cultivated cross between a blackberry and a dewberry.
2. the trailing bush bearing this berry.
[1930–35; after B. M. Young, U.S. hybridizer, who developed it c1900]
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