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adj. young·er, young·est
1. Being in an early period of life, development, or growth.
2. Newly begun or formed; not advanced: a young biotech company.
3. Relating to, typical of, or suggestive of youth or early life: He is young for his age.
4. Lacking experience; immature: a young hand at plowing.
5. Being the junior of two people having the same name.
6. Geology Being of an early stage in a geologic cycle. Used of bodies of water and land formations.
1. Young persons considered as a group; youth: entertainment for the young.
2. Offspring; brood: a lioness with her young.
with young
Pregnant. Used of an animal.

[Middle English yong, from Old English geong; see yeu- in Indo-European roots.]

young′ness n.
Synonyms: young, youthful, adolescent, immature, juvenile, childish, puerile, infantile
These adjectives relate to an early stage of growth or development and to its accompanying characteristics. Young is the most general, applying to various periods of life, generally before middle age, as well as to inanimate entities: a young child; a young couple; a young galaxy.
It can suggest a youthful attitude or outlook regardless of chronological age: young at heart.
Youthful suggests the positive characteristics, such as enthusiasm, freshness, or energy, that are traditionally associated with youth: approached the task with youthful ardor.
Adolescent connotes the physical and especially mental or emotional characteristics of those between childhood and maturity; it is generally not disparaging except when used of an adult: adolescent insecurity; an adolescent outburst from the trial lawyer.
Immature is more clearly judgmental, implying that someone falls short of an expected level of mental or emotional development for his or her age: an emotionally immature adult.
Juvenile suggests the immaturity usually associated with adolescents, but it can convey an attitude of tolerance as well as criticism: the juvenile pranks of the conventioneers.
Childish is similar to juvenile but with a younger frame of reference, often suggesting selfishness, stubbornness, or lack of restraint: a committee member with a childish need to have the last word.
However, it can also suggest such positive qualities of children as innocence and wholeheartedness: took childish delight in tending his garden.
Puerile and infantile are used derogatorily to suggest extreme immaturity, especially with regard to social manners: a puerile joke; an infantile boast.
가장 어린
trẻ nhất


adj attr superl of youngjüngste(r, s)
n the youngestder/die/das Jüngste; (pl) → die Jüngsten pl; the youngest of four childrendas jüngste von vier Kindern; my youngest (inf) (= son)mein Jüngster; (= daughter)meine Jüngste


الَأصْغَر nejmladší yngst jüngster νεότατος menor nuorin le plus jeune najmlađi il più giovane 一番若い 가장 어린 jongst yngst najmłodszy o mais jovem самый молодой yngst อายุน้อยที่สุด en genç trẻ nhất 最年轻的
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Amy, though the youngest, was a most important person, in her own opinion at least.
The youngest one, that we didn't any of us want, is the one we love best now.
The youngest boy, Etienne, had been very naughty, Madame Ratignolle said, as she delivered him into the hands of his mother.
The delay had already continued long beyond the usual deliberative pause that always preceded a conference; but no sign of impatience or surprise escaped even the youngest boy.
We'll keep away from these fascinating Devil's Forders, and particularly the youngest Kearney.
The last and youngest Pyncheon was a little country-girl of seventeen, the daughter of another of the Judge's cousins, who had married a young woman of no family or property, and died early and in poor circumstances.
whispered their youngest companion; "do not let her hear you
The fact to be in possession of was therefore that his old friend, the youngest of several daughters of a poor country parson, had, at the age of twenty, on taking service for the first time in the schoolroom, come up to London, in trepidation, to answer in person an advertisement that had already placed her in brief correspondence with the advertiser.
And poor little Flask, he was the youngest son, and little boy of this weary family party.
She and the two youngest slept in the only bed, and the other three had a mattress on the floor.
They were sold before her eyes, one by one, all to different masters; and I was the youngest.
Yesterday was the last time I ever saw my husband and this youngest child alive.