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v. yowled, yowl·ing, yowls
To utter a long loud mournful cry; wail.
To say or utter with a yowl.
A long loud mournful cry; a wail.

[Middle English yowlen, probably of imitative origin .]


the action of expressing with or producing a loud mournful wail or cry; howling
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Besides, sterilised cats reduce fights, noise and yowling over territory and mating activities," she said.
In the first half of last night's live special, we had baby Pearl, born in the toilets of the Queen Vic to a mother in a yellow biker jacket, yowling like James Brown.
Will you stop making that horrible yowling sound - you're making my ears bleed," I yelled up the stairs at my daughter Jesse, stopping her mid-bellow.
If necessary, respond to negative reviews, and stay tuned for Part 3 of this series, where we'll discuss how to stay on Yelp without yowling.
Actor Josh Mumby, unrecognisable under such beastly prosthetics and flailing hair that at least one unhappy, wailing little voice could be heard in the theatre, is a prowling, yowling Beast who sings like a West End star.
7-litre, 265hp flat six delivers its power like a proper sports car, yowling its way to the redline with a noise you'll never get tired of hearing.
Lubos' yowling impersonation of a newborn child destroyed any poignancy Benita Oakley's monologue about pregnancy out of wedlock may have contained, and the gory, repetitive childbirth simulations were more hackneyed than boundary-breaking.
A barking dog or a cat yowling at midnight can drown out a rooster - but the current ban on roosters would remain in effect.
Maude starts up, yowling this time, and the other cats scream back like banshees.
The clatter of the cat flap as he came in, seemingly escaping the clutches of a marauding hedgehog; the yowling in the middle of the night when a scrap with next door's moggy wakes you up and the gentle rubbing and purring when his food bowl is being prepared; all are dreadfully missed.
Mountain lions are part of where we live; one woke my wife up the other morning, yowling outside the bedroom window.
There are now more vacant parking slots in the parking lot and no children crying at odd hours in our building or cats yowling to be let out into the night.