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n. Hinduism
One of the four ages constituting a cycle of history.

[Sanskrit yugam, yoke, pair, era; see yeug- in Indo-European roots.]


(Hinduism) (in Hindu cosmology) one of the four ages of mankind, together lasting over 4 million years and marked by a progressive decline in the vitality and morals of men
[C18: from Sanskrit: yoke, race of men, era; see yoke]


(ˈyʊg ə)

n., pl. -gas. Hinduism.
1. an age of time.
2. any of four ages, each worse than the last, forming a single cycle due to be repeated.
[1775–85; < Skt]
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The cycle of Yugas described in vedic mythology would be a consequence of climate change related catastrophic extinctions and subsequent regeneration of life.
This would be the basis of the theories of Kali yuga, and end of the world in mythologies.
Trapped in the time-cycle when the yugas were changing, these two artists took up styles and themes thrust upon them by the exigencies of the times.
He said the company targets sales of 300,000 Dream Yugas in the current financial year that ends in March 2013.
Vishnu reclines on the thousand-headed serpent, Ananta, as he drifts on the Cosmic Ocean between the yugas, or cycles of time.
17) During the earlier yugas (cycles), gods and men were thought to freely intermingle on the earth.
Manu's Dharmasastra, like many other similar scriptural authorities, proposes four Yugas or epochs--Krta (or Satya), Treta, Dvapara, and Kali.
37) and yugas generally, except the kaliyuga; Harappa appears only under Mahenjo-daro; Seleucus Nicator (p.
The yugas or "ages of the world" have long been a vibrant object of study for scholars of early Hinduism.
Hiltebeitel alludes often enough to Biardeau's and his own sense that the MBh truly is about the incarnation of the supreme god in Krsna Vasudeva at a juncture of yugas, but for the most part these politically important themes remain the concealed dark matter of this book.
AG, in TA IV: 267 says: "The lineage of the Siddhas (siddha-santati) in the various yugas is made by Kurmanatha up to Minanatha.
The happiest age is Krta Yuga (which possibly means, 'accomplished age') with people enjoying long life, peaceful conditions and a high standard of spirituality.