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A former country of southeast Europe bordering on the Adriatic Sea. It was formed in 1918 as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. Under the leadership of Marshal Tito, the country became a Communist-led regime after World War II. After Tito's death in 1980, economic problems and ethnic tensions grew. Communist party control ended in 1990, and four of the six constituent republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia) declared independence in 1991. Serbia and Montenegro, the remaining states, abandoned the name Yugoslavia in 2003 and dissolved the federation entirely in 2006.

Yu′go·slav′ , Yu′go·sla′vi·an adj. & n.


(ˈjuːɡəʊˌslɑːv) or


1. (Peoples) (formerly) a native, inhabitant, or citizen of Yugoslavia (sense 1 or 2)
2. (Languages) (not in technical use) another name for Serbo-Croat1
3. (Placename) (formerly) of, relating to, or characteristic of Yugoslavia (sense 1 or 2) or its people
4. (Peoples) (formerly) of, relating to, or characteristic of Yugoslavia (sense 1 or 2) or its people


or Ju•go•slav

(ˈyu goʊˌslɑv, -ˌslæv)

1. a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia.
2. any member of a South Slavic–speaking people.
[1850–55; < German Jugoslawe < Serbo-Croatian Jugoslòvēn, Jugoslàvēn=jȕg south + Slovēn, Slavēn Slav]
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Noun1.Yugoslav - a native or inhabitant of YugoslaviaYugoslav - a native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Jugoslavija, Serbia and Montenegro, Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Yugoslavia - a mountainous republic in southeastern Europe bordering on the Adriatic Sea; formed from two of the six republics that made up Yugoslavia until 1992; Serbia and Montenegro were known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until 2003 when they adopted the name of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Yugoslav - of or relating to or characteristic of the former country of Yugoslavia or its people or languages; "Yugoslavian wine"


A. ADJyugoeslavo, yugoslavo
B. Nyugoeslavo/a m/f, yugoslavo/a m/f


nYougoslave mf


adj (Hist) → jugoslawisch (Hist)
n (Hist) → Jugoslawe m (Hist), → Jugoslawin f (Hist)


[ˌjuːgəʊˈslɑːv] adj & njugoslavo/a