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yuk 1

or yuck  (yŭk)Informal
1. An exuberant laugh.
2. One, such as a joke, that causes such a laugh.
tr. & intr.v. yukked, yuk·king, yuks or yucked or yuck·ing or yucks
To joke or laugh exuberantly: a student who yukked it up in class.


yuk 2

interj. Slang
Variant of yuck1.


or yuck


n., v. yukked yucked, yuk•king yuck•ing. Slang. n.
1. a loud, hearty laugh.
2. a joke or circumstance evoking such a laugh.
v.i., v.t.
3. to laugh or joke: yukking it up.



interj. Slang.


Yukon Territory.


[ˈjʌk] exclbeurk Yule log [ˈjuːllɒg] nbûche f de Noël


interj (inf)i, igitt, igittigitt


[jʌk] excl (fam) → puh!, puah!
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The final exam Julie had to pass from the course she took at Yuk Yuk's International Comedy Clubs in 2001 consisted of giving a live performance onstage at a Yuk Yuk's stand-up comedy night.
The property also includes four restaurants, free live entertainment and Yuk Yuk's standup comedy.
I'm with the yuk brigade, seeing nothing to commend this screen saga about the battered Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) as she confesses all about her sordid life and times to her rescuer Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard).
Winner of KFIP in the branch of Medicine is Professor Yuk Ming Dennis Lo (Chinese-British national).
Bulgular: Bakim Verenlerin Yuku Envanteri'nin alt olcek puan ortalamalari sirasiyla; zaman-bagimlilik yuku (15,31 [+ or -] 4,07), gelisimsel yuk (8,19 [+ or -] 4,46), fiziksel yuk (6,88 [+ or -] 3,93), sosyal yuk (5,55 [+ or -] 4,40), duygusal yuk (3,44 [+ or -] 4,25) oldugu, toplam yuk puan ortalamasinin ise 39,36 [+ or -] 13,83 oldugu saptanmistir.
Shares were conditionally placed with the Placees, Ms Yuk Hung Shirley
Yuk bindirici, aerobik ve direncli egzersizlerin omurga KMY uzerinde etkili oldugu gosterilmistir (3).
by Lo Yuk FaiDaoud and Daher Nassar have run the Tent of Nations, an environmental and educational farm on a hilltop near the village of Nahalin in the southern West Bank, southwest of Bethlehem, since 2000.
Ortalama viral yuk hasta grubunda 9011768,5 [+ or -] 6921223,3 kopya/ml, kontrol grubunda ise 106885,4 [+ or -] 46828,1 kopya/ml olarak bulundu (p<0,05).
Nasdaq: CNTY; Vienna Stock Exchange) announced today that its Century Casino & Hotel Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, will be home to the new Edmonton location of Mark Breslin's Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club, the world's largest chain of comedy clubs.
com where you can view an array of some of the finest and foulest food, and judge for yourself with a ranking system that goes from yum to yuk, but be warned, the comtent of this website could make you very hungry.
Julie Bull remembers her first performances at Yuk Yuk's comedy club in Edmonton not only because she realized she could make people laugh, but because someone told her she had magic.