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yuck 1

also yuk  (yŭk)
interj. Slang
Used to express rejection or strong disgust.

yuck 2

 (yŭk) Informal
n. & v.
Variant of yuk1.


(jʌk) or


slang an exclamation indicating contempt, dislike, or disgust



interj. Slang.
(used as an expression of disgust or repugnance.)
[1965–70, Amer.; expressive word]



n., v.i., v.t. yucked, yuck•ing. Slang.


[jʌk] EXCL¡puaj!
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She's been doing it since 1983, when Terry Donahue and Bob Toledo - two guys who really knew how to yuk it up - were her bosses.
I guess a guy who can yuk it up about a woman he has executed in Texas can yuk it up about anything.
Most of us don't look to Beltway insiders for jokes, just as we don't really want the local weatherman to yuk it up with the sports guy--it's cutesy and forced, only funny if you are an NPR junkie or a weatherman yourself.
The result is a nondogmatic message movie that won't offend anyone buying a ticket to yuk it up but might have a deeper meaning for anyone wishing to reflect on the themes.
Funny how the assassination of a world leader is now considered palatable enough to serve as grist for a dopey mainstream comedy - soon, airport security officers will yuk it up with you when you announce that you have a bomb in your bag).
Photo: (1--3) Yuk it up with a taste of the Onion's irreverent Web pages.
Above, doubles team Kristen Semelsberger, left, and Meredith Simmons yuk it up during practice.